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My primary focus is getting your podcast edited and ready for publishing, but I can help you with all of the technical aspects from gear recommendations to the publishing a great, professionally edited and mastered podcast.  


I'm here to make your life easier so I do my best to adapt my workflow to yours


If you don't like the way you stumbled through a question with a great guest, or your internet connection breaks up halfway through an awesome interview, I can help you to clean that up and still maintain a natural, realistic, conversational flow.


Check out some of the work I've done with clients on my Samples page.








My rate is $50/hour - I usually like to start out on projects on an hourly basis and then transition to a flat rate once we've had a chance to see how we work together.

Every project is a bit different, so I do my best to tailor my service to what you need.  Most of what I do can be broken out into three tiers of service:

  • Tier 1 - basic construction of audio elements, audio processing/leveling, final mastering, and metadata tagging.  I can make up to 5-6 edits based on time stamps in this package as well.  This package starts at $40 per episode.

  • Tier 2 - a full work up that includes everything from tier 1, but also involves me listening through the episode to clean up things like:

    • excessive 'ums,' 'ahs,' and 'you knows'

    • places where there is too much dead air

    • distracting mouth clicks

    • false starts

    • overly loud breaths

    • and generally anything that detracts from the quality of the audio.  ​​​

My general estimate when I'm blocking out time for this kind of project is that I'll spend roughly 3 hours editing for every 1 hour of raw audio.  I can also listen out for soundbites to serve as cold opens or separate files for social media use.

This is usually the most natural sounding option because my approach is to always maintain natural, conversational flow.  If I do my job right, it's difficult to tell anything's been edited.

  • Tier 3 - this is largely the same approach as tier 2, but is what I consider my "squeaky clean" package where I remove every 'um,' 'ah,' and mouth click as long as I can remove it cleanly.  


I'd love to speak with you about your projects and ideas to find a way I can help bring your material to life or free up more of your time for your business.  Contact me here and I'll be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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