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This is me engaging in half of the Run and Drum moniker at the Atlanta Thanksgiving half marathon.

"Run and Drum" started as a blog, but it crystalizes the things that I'm passionate about.  Having been a musician from an early age and always interested in the tech side of things, I gravitated towards recording and editing any audio and music I could get my hands on.  My background as a musician and my talk radio listening habit combine to give me a great sense for high quality audio and timing when working with podcasts.


My love for audio work led me into getting my B.A. in Communications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I concentrated in Media Studies and Production.  


Being able to bring my passion and skill for audio production together with my clients' content is so fulfilling for me and it's why I've made podcast production the focus of my business for over 4 years now.




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